Reinstatement/Readmission to CGU




Readmission is the process of returning and reactivating your status as a CGU student.  Readmission is limited to the degree program in which you were previously enrolled in CGU.

Consideration for readmission involves a review of your student record and an evaluation of your academic progress to degree.  If your last semester of enrollment was longer than a year in the past, you may be required to enroll in additional courses or to complete new requirements in order to qualify for your degree.  This review is necessary to ensure the relevancy of your academic work for your new anticipated degree date.


Eligibility for Readmission

CGU students are eligible for readmission if you meet all of the following qualifications.

  • You did not have an active student status in the previous semester and your last semester of enrollment is within five years.  Active student status refers to enrollment in classes or an approved leave of absence.
  • You are requesting a return to the same degree program in which you were last enrolled.
  • You have no outstanding obligations to the University.
  • You were not previously dismissed from the University.

If your last semester of enrollment was more than five years in the past or if you are interested in a degree program other than the one in which you were last enrolled, you must use the new student application process through Admissions.  Note that CGU retains student files for only five years following a student's last semester of enrollment.

For SEVIS and immigration purposes, international students considering a return to CGU are advised to use the new student application process through Admissions.  For guidance, please consult with the international student coordinator.


Procedure: Applying for Readmission

Before You Apply.  When considering reapplying to CGU, check your student portal (if you still have access) or contact the Registrar's Office to determine if any there are any impediments to your return.  Obstacles to your immediate return include the following.

  • Past Due Balance.  You must address all outstanding financial obligations before you can return to CGU.  Contact Student Accounts at or (909) 607-2613.
  • Academic Probation.  If you were on academic probation during your last semester of enrollment, you will be required to meet with your department to determine whether you are eligible to resume your studies at CGU.  Review CGU's academic standards on the Satisfactory Academic Progress page.
  • Time to Degree.  If you exceeded your time to degree during your last semester of enrollment, you will be required to determine a new graduation date and to define, with your advisor, a plan for completing degree requirements.
  • Other Holds.  The same holds that prevent registration each semester impact your ability to apply for readmission.  Your student portal or the Registrar's Office can provide information on any holds that may exist on your student record.

Application.  Complete the Application for Readmission and submit it to the Registrar's Office, along with the non-refundable readmission fee.  (See the Tuition & Fees table on the Student Accounts web page for the current fee.)  The fee should be paid in cash or check.

Applications should be submitted well in advance of the semester in which you are seeking to return.  This will allow sufficient time to give your request full consideration and resolve any outstanding issues that may cause delays to your readmission.  Consult the registrar's webpage or the Academic Calendar for registration and start dates for future semesters.

Approvals.  All readmissions are approved by the department.  You will be notified by the Registrar's Office once your request for readmission has been approved.

Follow Through.  Once your request for readmission has been approved, be sure to register for the semester in which your student status is reactivated.  Registration periods are announced by the registrar and the dates posted on the registrar's website as well as in the Academic Calendar.  Failure to enroll before the first Add/Drop deadline of the semester will result in automatic cancellation of your student status.

Once approved for readmission, be sure to review your Student Rights & Responsibilities as well as requirements for maintaining your student status.



Registrar's Office: or (909) 621-8285


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