It is our goal to create a campus environment with aesthetically satisfying and welcoming spaces at CGU that foster the kinds of informal interactions that can lead to more profound learning, inside and outside the classroom and studio.

The building projects on campus will dramatically enhance our facilities devoted specifically to research and teaching.  At the same time they will help kindle a new sense of intellectual and social community.

Such projects will further the goal of strengthening connectivity -- links between faculty and students, between colleagues, between disciplines, between CGU and the community -- enabling CGU's faculty and students to stay at the leading edge of educational technology.

Contact us for more information on building projects that allow for naming opportunities.







The new DesCombes Family Gate at 9th and College demarcates CGU's physical space just as transdisciplinarity scholarship defines our intellectual domain. Unlike gates of old designed to keep people out, this gate is open and expansive, symbolically welcoming all to the university and the ideas within.

Both the philanthropic vision of Don and Betty DesCombes and the artistry of the construction team were required to create a visual landmark that CGU will be proud of for decades to come. To them -- from those of us who enjoy the beauty of the gate today and all who will enter through it in the years to come -- we say a heart-felt "thank you!"

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