MGT 524 -  Industry and Competitive Analysis


The focus of this course is on how general managers enhance and sustain business performance. The course reviews the recent development of analytical and conceptual tools in the business strategy field, which are aids to the development of decision. Its fundamental focus, however, is not on tools, but on sharpening skills at developing robust judgments in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

The central concept of this course is that of business unit strategy. Definitions abound, but they all share some sense of the allocation of critical resources over relatively long periods of time in pursuit of specific goals and objectives. Strategy is enabled and constrained by the underlying economic and political conditions that prevail in an industry or a country, as well as by the resources available to management. Sustained performance, we shall discover, depends not simply upon choosing the right strategy, but also upon the processes by which strategy is formed and upon the administrative context and systems within which it is played out.



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