MGT 654 - Negotiations


Negotiation takes place all of the time, both formally and informally, at work and at home, and over monetary and non-monetary concerns. Globalization, organizational diversity, changes in the way work and workers are organized, and new forms of alliance make the ability to negotiate well a necessary business skill. Managers and Executives increasingly have to negotiate with employees, customers, competitors and partners. Not knowing how to negotiate can be a distinct disadvantage.

Negotiating well is a learned skill. While some people might "naturally" feel comfortable negotiating, the art of negotiation is something that most people have to study and practice. This requires a combination of knowledge and theory and the opportunity to implement that theory through practice. In this class it is important that you read and understand the new ideas you are learning, try to put these ideas into practice, and analyze their impact and effectiveness. While practice might make perfect, practicing old behaviors without new insights and analysis will not improve your ability to negotiate!

The objective of this class is to help you develop and understanding of different theoretical perspectives, gain insight into your own feelings and beliefs about negotiation, develop a repertoire of negotiation skills, be able to analyze and put negotiation concepts into action to improve your ability to negotiate. It is my hope that the skills you learn in this class will improve your comfort with negotiating and help you continuously improve your ability to communicate and negotiate throughout your life.

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