MGT 633 - Team Leadership


This course consists of seven sessions that address the cutting edge issues regarding teams and team leadership.  The current emphasis on teams in organizations is not a fad.  It is a fundamental shift in the way organizations are structured.  In fact, a cover story in Fortune magazine proclaimed, “in a fast moving, brutally competitive economy, the one thing sure to be harder than operating with teams is operating without them” (Dumaine, 1994, p. 92).  This course will be discussion and analysis based with small amounts of lecture to provide the general framework for class discussion.

While most courses on teams and team leadership deal with the topic in a conceptual manner, the focus of this course will be on practical issues regarding how to make teams more effective.  We will address such issues as: how to set goals in teams; how to create team structures; defining team processes; and learning to deal with problems as they arise.  While we will examine all types of teams in this course, your project for the course will be the analysis of a top management team (TMT) of some organization.  You will need to negotiate access for this purpose so you will want to initiate the search for a suitable TMT very early and should ideally have a team identified before the beginning of the course.


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