MGT 635 - Self & Shared Leadership


Most courses on leadership focus primarily on how leaders can do a better job of influencing followers, in what is essentially a top-down model of leadership.  This course, however, focuses on two critical leadership processes that, until recently, have received comparatively little attention: Self- and shared leadership.  Self-leadership deals with means by which individuals can better influence themselves—toward more effective thought and behavioral patterns.  Shared leadership deals with the dynamic process of leadership in true teams—one that is characterized by the serial emergence of multiple leaders, depending on the tasks facing the team and the skills of the team members.  As such, the course will examine ways to better influence oneself and others, as well as how to better receive the appropriate influence of others.  While there are no pre-requisites for this course it is recommended to have taken MGT 515 (Organizational Behavior) prior to this course.


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