Registering for Classes 

The information on this page has been compiled to facilitate the registration process for new and continuing CGU students as well as to provide instructions for non-CGU students interested in enrolling in CGU courses.

For all CGU students, the following policies apply.

  • Students must maintain a student status throughout their careers at CGU.
  • Register at CGU for all courses taken at CGU and at other campuses of the Claremont Colleges (5C).
  • Register at CGU for all semesters, including summer--even if other campuses require an additional registration process.
  • If your school/program requires advising prior to registration, you will not be able to register until you have met with your advisor.  Failure to address this--or any hold--requirement is not a basis for waiving the late registration fee.
  • All students are encouraged to register online.  Registration through the portal can be completed through the regular session Add/Drop deadline of each semester.  After that date, all enrollment transactions must be submitted on paper, using the Registration/Enrollment Change (Add/Drop) Form.
  • New students should contact their academic departments regarding first-time registration and enrollment procedures.  First semester students are eligible to register after CGU receives the tuition deposit.

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Preparing for Registration
Enrollment Forms
  1. Maintaining Student Status
  2. Review Portal for Holds
  3. Understanding Deadlines
  4. Online or Paper Registration
  5. Online Registration Tutorial
  6. Online Registration Disclosures 
New Students/Paper Registration (use per department instructions)
Policies/Enrollment Transactions
References and Links
Other Enrollment Issues
For Non-CGU Students


Preparing for Registration  

Access Your Portal.  Before the registration period begins, be sure to check your student information on the student portal for accuracy and eligibility to enroll in courses for the new semester.

Know the registration deadline dates and what fees and penalties may apply.  Consult the Academic Calendar to determine important dates and deadlines for your student transactions.

  • Registration period - late registration fees apply after the registration period ends
  • Add/Drop - change fees apply after this deadline
  • Declaration of Intent - deadline for declaring your candidacy for graduation in the current term  
  • Defense and submission of your dissertation - transactions completed after these dates may delay your graduation until the following semester
  • Last day of the semester - no registration or enrollment changes can be made to student records after this date

Online or Paper Registration.  Unless your department directs otherwise, students are strongly encouraged to use the student portal for online registration.  User instructions are provided at the Online Registration Tutorial.  Users acknowledge all disclosures for using the online registration system.  Academic departments with specific or additional enrollment instructions are listed in the right sidebar.  New students should always consult their departments for instructions regarding enrollment during their first semester.  The Paper Registration Form may be used by those who do not enroll online.

Online Registration Disclosures.  Please keep the following operating rules in mind when completing transactions over the student portal.

  • Registration transactions are accepted beginning the first day of the registration period.
  • Registration transactions may not be submitted over the student portal after the regular session deadline for Add/Drop.
  • When submitting enrollment transactions over the student portal, avoid dropping all classes.  These kinds of transactions are interpreted by the system as your withdrawal from the University.
  • Contact your department with questions regarding your student status or eligibility to enroll in classes.
  • Contact the Help Desk for technical assistance with the student portal, including forgotten passwords or inability to connect.


Policies and Individual Enrollment Transactions 

Enrolling in 5C Courses - The 5C Schedule of Classes lists courses offered at the undergraduate colleges of the Claremont University Consortium.  Only certain courses are open to graduate students.  CGU students who wish to enroll in a 5C course must follow the procedure below.

  • Complete the CGU Registration Form for Courses at the 5C and obtain the approval of the 5C instructor teaching the course.  If the 5C is listed in the CGU Schedule of Classes, you may enroll online; however, the registration form should still be submitted to your department.
  • Submit your registration form to your department for approval and processing.  Your department must approve the course for graduate credit.
  • Your department will foward your form to the Registrar's Office for processing.  In order to avoid late fees, all forms must be submitted to the Registrar's Office no later than the Add/Drop deadline.

Enrolling in CST/KGI Courses - Students who wish to take a course at the Claremont School of Theology (CST) or the Keck Graduate Institute must submit the appropriate enrollment form to their departments.  The CGU Registration Form for Courses Offered at CST or the CGU Registration Form for Courses Offered at KGI must be completed as applicable.  Departments will forward the form to the Registrar's Office so that your enrollment in the CST or KGI course can be completed.  In order to avoid late fees, all forms must be submitted to the Registrar's Office no later than the Add/Drop deadline.  If the CST or KGI course appears in the CGU Schedule of Classes, you may enroll online through your student portal; however, permission of the instructor is still required.  Note that if CST and KGI courses are dropped, an Add/Drop form must be submitted to the student's department to avoid inaccuracies and negative grade indicators on the transcript.

Prerequisites.  Students are responsible for verifying that prerequisites have been satisfied before enrolling in any course with published prerequisites.  Prerequisites can be identified by accessing course information via the student portal.  Under Student Information in the portal, click on CGU Official Information and go to View Course Catalog.  Prerequisites are listed under the Enrollment Requirements Group.

T-Course Requirement - If you began your doctoral program in or after Summer 2006, you must enroll in a Transdisciplinary (or T-) course during your second year of study.  T-courses are open to all students. 

Withdrawals.  Students are considered withdrawn from CGU if any of the following occur.

  • You drop all of your courses
  • You fail to enroll in courses before the Add/Drop deadline
  • Your student status is terminated by the University

When you are withdrawn for lack of enrollment, you may correct the situation by registering before the end of the semester.  Approval of your department is required and late registration fees apply.  Reinstatement is required if you were withdrawn in a semester prior to the current semester.

You must contact Financial Aid to determine the financial impact of your withdrawal from CGU. 


Other Enrollment Issues

Attendance and Zero Units.  You are responsible for the accuracy of your class schedule and for any financial and financial aid implications therefrom.

Full time status is considered 8 units while 4 units constitutes half-time.  Students on financial aid or attending with scholarships or other sponsorship should be mindful of the minimum units required by their lenders or other sponsors.

Semesters and courses for which you earn zero units are particularly critical for financial aid purposes as well as for international students.  Zero units may result from dropping all of your courses in a semester or from the assignment of a U (Unsatisfactory) grade.

If you do not intend to remain in a course, you must drop the course per Add/Drop guidelines.  Failure to drop a course may result in the assignment of a U.

  • Consult Financial Aid to determine the impact of U grades or zero units on your financial aid eligibility.
  • Consult the International Student Coordinator before you withdraw from courses or if you receive an I (Incomplete) or U grade.

When you drop all of your courses, you are essentially withdrawing from the University.  Students who withdraw during any semester may need to apply for reinstatement in order to resume studies at CGU.


Cancelled Courses.  When a class is cancelled, all enrollments in the class are dropped immediately.  Every effort is made to notify the students affected; however, students are responsible for checking their enrollment information periodically throughout the semester.

During the first two weeks of the semester, students should regularly monitor their portal schedules for enrollment transactions that result from wait list activity and course cancellations.  Students are responsible for maintaining their course unit load limits for financial aid and immigration purposes.

Changing to Audit Status.  Students who wish to enroll in a class on an audit basis are encouraged to declare this intention at the beginning of the semester.  Changes to grading basis cannot be made online.  Students should submit to their academic departments a Registration and Change (Add/Drop) Form to indicate a change from graded to audit basis.  Instructor permission is required.  Because changes from graded to audit basis entail a refund, all refunds are governed by the Add/Drop refund schedule.

Deadlines and Refunds.  Deadlines for enrollment changes are announced in the Academic Calendar.  Refunds are determined by the University's Financial Calendar.

Term-Based Transactions.  Term-based transactions include all activities that affect your student record and account within a given semester.  All registrations, enrollment changes, payments, and changes to payment arrangements must be made prior to the end of the semester. No changes will be made after the last day of the semester.



  • Contact your academic department if you have any questions about your registration or enrollment at CGU.
  • Contact the Registrar's Office regarding university and policy-related questions.  E-mail or phone (909) 621-8285.
  • Contact the HelpDesk  for technical support about portal-related questions at :  Click on the "Login Problems link" under "My CGU Login."

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Refer to the Academic Calendar for dates not listed in this column.


FALL 2013

Dec 21 - Last day of Fall semester



Oct 30 - Spring schedule online

Nov 13 - Spring registration begins at noon

Dec 13 - Spring registration deadline

Jan 21 - Spring classes begin

Feb 4 - Add/Drop deadline - Access for online changes ends

May 17 - Last day of Spring semester



Mar 26 - Summer schedule online

Apr 9 - Summer registration begins

May 19 - Summer classes begin

Aug 23 - Last day of Summer semester


FALL 2014

March 26 - Fall schedule online

Apr 16 - Fall registration begins

Aug 1 - Fall registration deadline

Sept 2 - Fall classes begin

Sept 16 - Add/Drop deadline - Access for online changes ends

Dec 20 - Last day of Fall semester


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