Transdisciplinary (T-Course) Study

Doctoral students are required to complete the transdisciplinary T-Course during the second year of coursework. This course is an advanced intensive experience that prepares doctoral students for high-level discourse, research, and inquiry and provides practical experience working with colleagues in different fields. The course will count as 4 of the regular 72 units toward the student's degree. It will not add any additional units to the student's degree requirements nor count against the total number of transfer units from previous graduate coursework.


Students in the following programs are NOT required to take the T-Course, but are welcome to:

-  Ph.D.s in Botany
-  Joint Ph.D.s with CSU Long Beach
-  Joint Ph.D.s with San Diego State University

Master's students may enroll in the T-Course, space permitting.  To do so, please email


All doctoral students will see a "T-Course" Hold on their student portal until the course is completed.   Please be sure to note the effective term (semester) in which your ability to register may be affected. Click here for information about holds.



  • Students can choose to be evaluated on a “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” basis.
    - OR-

  • Students can choose to earn a letter grade. Each student has the duration of the two-week period (add/drop period) at the start of the semester to experience the course and decide how he/she will be graded individually.


    Click here to view the current academic calendar which indicates the end of the add/drop period.

NOTE:  The Office of Admission and Records and the faculty will assume that students prefer to receive a “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” evaluation. However, if any student wishes to receive a letter grade, he/she must notify their instructor before the end of the add/drop period.  

here for information on current course offerings.  Select 'Transdisciplinary Course' under subject.


Our academic department processes your registration; please contact them with any questions about how to register. For questions specific to the T-Course, contact the program secretary at




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