DSSA Executive Board
Robert Reich

Syd Peterson

Matthew Weingert
Executive Vice-President

Jonathan Chan
VP of Communications

Jeanette Smith
VP of Finance
Danea Johnson
VP of Events
Ratika Sadana
VP of Engagement
Taekia Blackwell
DeJon Glover


Duties & Responsibilities

President manages and oversees all DSSA operations and strategic activities, and is the primary liaison with the Dean, the Director of the MBA Program, Alumni Relations, and Drucker Administration.

Vice President of Operations is responsible for and oversees all Drucker Student Associations and clubs and manages its leadership. The VP of Operations also provides additional support to the President.

Vice President of Communications is responsible for the production of marketing communication tools for DSSA and oversees the production of these tools for Drucker Student Association/club events. Working together with the Technology Officer and the Graduate Student Council (GSC) Liaison, the VP of Communications is responsible for maintaining the DSSA website, overseeing the maintenance of the Association / clubs websites, and for managing the account to ensure timely response to students.
Treasurer manages the budget and financial transactions of DSSA and handles all Drucker Student Associations and club financial matters.

GSC Representative serves as a member of Claremont Graduate University’s Graduate Student Council (GSC) as the Representative for the Drucker Graduate School of Management. The GSC Liaison works closely with the VP of Communications to ensure information regarding DSSA, Drucker Student Associations, and GSC events are communicated and marketed to the student body community.

Events Director is responsible for the organization and coordination of DSSA events.
Recruiting Representative is responsible for facilitating a 2-way communication between DSSA and the Admissions team.


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