MGT 621 -  Marketing Strategy


The purpose of the course is to provide participants with the insights and skills necessary to formulate and implement sound marketing strategies.  This objective will be accomplished through the learning of basic marketing paradigms, the completion of case analyses, and the completion of a culminating project that applies the course material to the participant's firm and industry. 

The text, readings, lectures, and case discussions will provide a detailed perspective on important paradigms that serve as the basis for marketing decision-making.  These paradigms include marketing phenomena (e.g. customer decision making; how customers decide they need a product or service as well as how they select a particular product or service to meet their need, the product life cycle; how sales history for a product can be used to model expected sales for related products, the market's response to a firm's marketing tactics; the same-period, dynamic (multi-period) and interaction effects of marketing activities), analytical approaches (e.g. simple predictive models of market size and market share, models predicting the rate at which new products "diffuse" across a market), and managerial decisions (e.g. the selection of a particular product positioning within a segment).

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to recognize the factors that influence the likelihood of success of their marketing decisions and thereby improve their marketing decision-making.  Participants will also be able to create a comprehensive marketing plan that appropriately plots a suitable course of action (and attendant anticipated consequences).  This Marketing Strategy course is appropriate for persons who have successfully completed an introductory marketing course and who are responsible for marketing decision making in their organization.


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