SISAT is very sad to report the passing of Virginia Leon, SISAT secretary 2003-2008

Published on Saturday, May 02, 2009

SISAT is very sad to report the passing of Virginia Leon, SISAT secretary 2003-2008.
Virginia began her career at CGU in the Teacher Education department in 2001. She then transferred to SISAT in 2003 where she worked for five years. Virginia was a very kind and caring person and took many students under her wing when they arrived at SISAT. From registering for classes to buying groceries, Virginia took the time to make sure that students were comfortable and taken care of. She often hosted student barbeques at her home which allowed several students to get to know her family as well, including her husband Sam who has worked for CGU for nearly 30 years.

There is a particularly touching story that sums up Virginia’s warm heart and caring nature. There was a SISAT student who was preparing for his first job interview and was nervous about how to dress. He came to Virginia in a pair of casual pants and a button down shirt that he had put on straight from the package, pins and all. Virginia took one look at him and told him to give her the shirt and come back in 20 minutes. Virginia took the shirt home to iron it and then found one of her sons’ suits to bring back with her. When she came back, she gave the neatly pressed shirt and suit to the student and got him ready for his interview. Now neatly dressed and confident, he got the job. “Virginia was a very good person and a dear friend to everyone at SISAT during her time here,” said SISAT Dean Terry Ryan. “She will be missed.”