White House invites SISAT dean, professor for session on technology and safety

Published on Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The White House and U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park have invited Tom Horan, dean of Claremont Graduate University (CGU's) School of Information Systems and Technology (SISAT), and SISAT Assistant Professor Brian Hilton to Washington, DC, on May 16 for a brainstorming session on how technology and data can be used for public safety purposes.

Horan and Hilton will join other leading scholars for the discussion, which coincides with the launch of the federal government's Public Safety Data Community. Both researchers are developing projects at the cutting edge of health and public safety information technology.

Horan and Hilton have worked together to create the SafeRoadMaps website, which uses traffic safety data to analyze dangerous roads and highways. The application, a partnership between SISAT and the University of Minnesota's Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, has been viewed by users more than 12 million times. A new version is being unveiled to coincide with the session in Washington.

"When we first started SafeRoadMaps we had a hunch that there was a public appetite for this data," Hilton said. "Millions of hits later, we know there is."

Horan said he is honored the White House has recognized their contribution to innovative uses of technology for highway safety

"There is something very gratifying when you see a swell of interest in something you first sensed had value," Horan said. "We are delighted to be able to go to the White House to be part of the safety initiative launch."