IDEA Lab Awarded Research Grant from Loma Linda University

Published on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CISAT's IDEA Laboratory Awarded Research Grant from Loma Linda University for mHealth Management System to assist High-risk Heart Failure (HF) Patients


Doctoral Student Nagla Alnoyasan, Dr. Samir Chatterjee, Doctoral Student Edward Lee

CISAT's IDEA Laboratory has been awarded a research grant from Loma Linda University for designing novel technologies to assist congestive heart-failure patients. After hospital treatment, CHF patients are required to conduct self-management task such as monitoring weight changes, ensuring low sodium diets, and measuring their BP regularly. Failure and non-compliance to do so can result in hospital readmission or death. While previously hospital readmission was reimbursed by CMS, new changes in Obamacare will now penalize hospitals as they have to show performance and outcome. Loma Linda has teamed up with Dr. Samir Chatterjee’s lab to develop remote monitoring technology using expert-system and persuasive technology that will assist CHF patients as they transition into the home. All data is collected via an internet connection and IDEA will deliver tailored reminders and motivational messages to guide the patients. All vital sign data will also be made available via a dashboard to the physicians and nurse-care team at the SACHS clinic. A Randomized Clinical Trial enrolling 10 CHF patients has started on March 14th, 2014. Doctoral students Nagla Alnoyasan, Edward Lee and Ala Alluhaidan will be working on different components of this system.