Mission & Vision

Our Purpose
We make a difference in the lives of those with whom we learn and the institutions we serve.

Our Beliefs About Management
Reflecting the Drucker philosophy of management, we believe that management is a human enterprise—an art as well as a science—that integrates perspectives from the social and behavioral sciences, from philosophy and the humanities, from history and technology, and from religion and mathematics.

This liberal art of management brings together the complex realities of the world in which we live, our diverse cultural, institutional, and intellectual backgrounds, and our ethical responsibilities.

The intuitive and scientific understanding of these linkages is essential to anticipating and meeting the challenge of change and renewal, and for seeing things both as they are and as they can be.

We believe outstanding executive leadership is a moral endeavor requiring both character and competence - moral courage as well as analytical insight. Effective leaders make a difference in the lives and institutions they touch by infusing them with high values and bringing definition to common purpose, commitment to strategy, dignity to human interaction, and increased opportunity for creative self-expression.

Our Mission
We achieve our purpose by developing and enriching the professional lives of our students:
  • Enhancing their ability to think rigorously and ethically about complex, ambiguous issues, to make sound strategic decisions, and to lead and inspire others to achievement of common purposes
  • Providing a personalized and practical, yet reflective learning experience
  • Instilling intellectual curiosity and learning skills that will sustain a lifelong search for understanding and openness to innovation and change
We also achieve our purpose through relentless efforts to create and disseminate knowledge relevant to critical issues affecting management practice worldwide:
  • By promoting integrative and interdisciplinary research that advances management theory and translates it into successful practice.
  • By initiating and conducting intensive worldwide dialogues with management scholars and practitioners with whom we collaborate in order to advance the practice of management.
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