Course Planning Guide

The FE Program is flexible and offers all students, whether part-time, full-time, or fully-employed, the ability to decided on a semester-by-semester basis the schedule that will best fit with the demands of life. For example, a student can choose to take a full-time load, or four courses, in a semester when outside demands on time are lighter, and the following semester can opt to take one or two courses, if outside demands increase.

Below you will find the fall entry three (3) semester course planning guide.

1st Fall

1st Spring

2nd Fall

Probability 251 Stochastic Processes 256 Mathematical Finance 358
Financial Accounting 326 Statistics 252  OR
Asset Management 402
Corporate Finance 335
Financial Time Series 463
Introduction to Risk Mgt 391
Financial Derivatives 339
Elective Elective  

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