The Interfield Ph.D in Political Science-Economics

The Interfield Ph.D in Economics-Political Science




The PhD interfield degree program combines courses from both departments in the Division of Politics and Economics (DPE) for an interdisciplinary political economy degree.  Students must be accepted into the PhD interfield by both the Department of Politics and Policy and the Department of Economics. 

The PhD interfield also has a modified qualifying exam structure based on the requirements in both departments. The Department of Economics qualifying exam requirements combine testing on Econ 302 or 313 and a field of application.  The qualifying exam in the Department of Politics and Policy is a field of application.  [Note:  Diplomas for graduates of the interfield PhD program will be printed to show the primary department the student is registered under first.  i.e., PhD Interfield Political Science-Economics or PhD Interfield Economics – Political Science]

This program requires a minimum of 80 units composed of a core, a methods minor field, a political science major field, and an economics major field. 

Students in the PhD interfield degree program must pass qualifying examinations in both major fields of study, defend a dissertation proposal and dissertation that meets rigorous methodological standards and draws from both major fields.

CORE COURSE REQUIREMENTS (7 courses –28 units)

Political Economy:

  • SPE410 Foundations of Political Economy

Choose two (2) of the following three (3) courses:

  • SPE360 American Political Economy
  • PP411 International Political Economy
  • PP352 Comparative Political Economy


  • Econ313 Microeconomic Analysis
  • Econ302 Macroeconomics I

Choose two (2) of the following four (4) courses: (by approval of the Field Advisor)

  • SPE315 Game Theory*
  • Econ316 Advanced Microeconomics I
  • Econ317 Advanced Microeconomics II* OR
  • SPE317 Advanced Game Theory*
  • Econ 303 Advanced Macroeconomics


METHODS SEQUENCE (4 courses – 16 units)

Choose one (1) of the following four-course statistical sequences:

Track 1

  • TNDY401i Conduct of Social Inquiry
  • Econ308 Mathematics for Economists I
  • Econ382 Econometrics
  • Econ383 Econometrics II or Econ384 Econometrics III

Track 2

  • TNDY401i Conduct of Social Inquiry
  • PP481 Quantitative Research Methods
  • PP482 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
  • PP487 Applied Data Analysis or PP488 Advanced Methods

Field Options

Choose field requirements in Economics and Politics and Policy (9 courses; 36 units):

The Department of Politics and Policy requires five (5) courses to complete a field (20 units).   Here is a list of fields available:

  • American Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Philosophy *
  • Public Policy
  • World Politics
  • International & Comparative Political Economy

The Department of Economics requires four (4) courses to complete a field (16 units).  Here is a list of fields available:

  • Business & Financial Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • International & Development Economics
  • International Money & Finance
  • Neuroeconomics and Behavioral Economics
  • Public Choice & Public Economics

* May require additional credits to complete.  Consult Political Philosophy field advisor


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