Mathematics PhD Recipients

Henok Abebe                                                                                                              2002

Modeling the Current-Voltage (I-V) Characteristics of the MOSFET Device with Quantum Mechanical Effects due to Thin Oxide near ‘Si/SiO2’ Interface using Asymptotic Methods

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Mohammad Abouali                                                                                                  2014

Investigating Castillo-Grone's Mimetic Difference Operators in Development of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Models Implemented on GPGPUs

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Jose Castillo


Sajia Akhter                                                                                                               2013               

Finding a Novel Way for Fast Sequence Alignment and Exploiting Information Theory

in Bacterial Genomes and Complete Phages

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Robert Edwards


Martin Ambrose                                                                                                        2011

            Adaptive Monte Carlo Algorithms for Continuous and Discrete Transport Problems

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Florent Angly                                                                                                             2010

A Computational Workflow for the Estimation of Environmental Viral Diversity in Metagenomes

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Forest Rohwer


Yontha Ath                                                                                                                 2000

            Stochastic Properties of Uniformly Optimally Reliable Networks (and their Graphs)

Advisors: Milton Sobel (UC Santa Barbara)


John Aven                                                                                                                   2010

            Stochastic Dynamics in Coupled Bistable Systems with Applications to Sensor Devices

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Visarath In


Dariouch Herve Babai                                                                                                1995

            Models of HIV Mutations and Interaction with the Immune System using Differential Equations: Coupling “Diffusion,” Specific and Global Interaction

            Advisor: Kenneth Cooke


Eunsil Baik                                                                                                                 2012

            Dynamics of Two Components Bose-Einstein Condensates

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Carlos Bazán                                                                                                              2009

            PDE-Based Image and Structure Enhancement for Electron Tomography of Mitochondria

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Peter Blomgren


Joseph Beasley                                                                                                          2008

            Performance Feedback and Control of Solar Concentrators using Wave Front Sensing Techniques

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hen-Geul Yeh


Steven F. Bellenot                                                                                                     1974

            Completeness and Reflexivity Properties in Topological Vector Spaces using Standard and Nonstandard Methods

            Advisor: Sandy Grabiner


Frank Bergmann                                                                                                       2010

            An Integrative Approach to Modeling in Systems Biology

            (JDP with KGI) Advisor: Ali Nadim


Susan Anne Elizabeth Berggren                                                                                2012

Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Coupled Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Antonio Palacios


Eric Besnard                                                                                                              1997

            Prediction of High Lift Flows with Separation

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Tuncer Cebeci


Ashish Bhan                                                                                                              2004

            Structure of Gene Expression Networks Derived from Microarray Time Series Data

            Advisor: Greg Dewey


Joris Billen                                                                                                                2012

            Simulated Associating Polymer Networks     

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Arlette Baljon                           


David Atwood Bliss                                                                                                  2012


Periodic Boundary Value Problems and the Dancer-Fucik Spectrum Under Conditions of Resonance

Advisor: Adolfo Rumbos


Theodoros Spyridon Bolis                                                                                         1971

            Differentiable Nuclear Manifolds

            Advisor: Robert James




Minh Bui                                                                                                                    2005

Linear Phase Orthogonal Filter Bank Constructions with Applications to Image and Geometric Approximations

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Nick Panagiotacopulos


David Caballero                                                                                                        2011

            Discrete Variable Representation of the Angular Variables in Quantum Three-Body            Scattering

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Alfonso Rueda


Todd Cadwallader-Olsker                                                                                       2007

            Proof Schemes and Proof Writing

            Advisor: John Angus


Ronald Caplan                                                                                                           2012

Study of Vortex Ring Dynamics in the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Utilizing GPU-Accelerated High-Order Compact Numerical Integrators

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Ricardo Carretero


Juan Cepeda-Rizo                                                                                                     2006

            Solid and Fluid Mechanics Case Studies in Advanced Electronic Packaging

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hsien-Yang Yeh


Dwayne Chambers                                                                                                   2011

            Topological Symmetry Groups of Complete Graphs

            Advisor: Erica Flapan


Nicolas Chaumont                                                                                                    2014                           

            From brains to populations: Modeling Animal Interactions with their Environment

            (JDP with KGI) Advisor: Animesh Ray


Xiaoyu Che                                                                                                                2013

            Joint Modeling and Analysis of Recurrent and Terminal Events

            Advisor: John Angus


Jerry Chen                                                                                                                 2013

Role of the MicroRNA miR-124 in the Regulatory Network Governing PNS Development in Ciona Intestinalis

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Robert Zeller


Paul O. Chelson                                                                                                        1976

            Quasi-Random Techniques for Monte Carlo Methods

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Michael R. Chiaro                                                                                                     1977



Todd Coburn                                                                                                             2010

            Optimization: Nurbs and the Quasi-Newton Method

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Ortwin Ohtmer


Cherlyn Lee Converse                                                                                               1992

            Lower Bounds for the Maximum Number of Stable Pairings for the General Marriage Problem Based on the Latin Marriage Problem

            Advisor: Henry A. Krieger


Jack M. Cuzick                                                                                                         1976

            On the Moments of the Number of Curve Crossings by a Stationary Gaussian Process

Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Yousef Daneshbod                                                                                                    2006

            Mathematical Models in Microfluidics: Capillary Electrophoresis and Sessile Drop Physics

            Advisor: Ali Nadim


Dany De Cecchis                                                                                                      2012

            Development of a Parallel Coupler Library with Minimal Inter-Process Synchronization for Large-scale Computer Simulations

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Jose Castillo


Monica de Pass                                                                                                          2006

            Wavelet Feature Extraction of High-Range Resolution Radar Profiles using Generalized Gaussian Distributions for Automatic Target Recognition

            Advisor: John Angus


Mohamed Osman El-Doma                                                                                       1986

            Analysis of Nonlinear Integra-Differential Equations Arising in Age-Dependent Epidemic Models

            Advisor: Stavros Busenberg


Azzam Elshihabi                                                                                                       1997

            Disturbance Decoupling with Stability for Nonlinear Systems using Static/Output Feedback: A Geometric Approach

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Fumio Hamano


Claudia Rangel Escareno                                                                                            2003

Modeling Biological Responses Using Gene Expression Profiling and Linear Dynamical Statistical Models

            Advisors: John Angus and David Wild (KGI)


Mohammad (Al Ahmad) Eyadat                                                                                2003

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Practical Digital Watermarking Embedded Schemes

(JDP with CSULB) Advisors: Samir Chatterjee, Ali Nadim, Dar-Biau Liu


Weifu Fang                                                                                                                 1990

            Identification of Transistor Contact Resistivity

            Advisors: Ellis Cumberbatch and Stavros Busenberg


Katherine Fedorchuk                                                                                                 2005

            Condensed History Methods for Monte Carlo Solutions of Photon Transport Problems

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Michael B. Franklin                                                                                                  2013

            Electrowetting-Based Microfluidics: Modeling and Simulation

            Advisor: Ali Nadim


Michael E. Frantz                                                                                                      1995

            On the Interaction of a Cold Front with a Mountain Ridge

            Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Jesse Peter Frumkin                                                                                                  2012

Induction of Chromosome Instability by Gene Dosage and Over-Expression in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Advisor: Animesh Ray


Samuel H. Fryer                                                                                                         1988

            Mathematical Models of Typhoid Fever

            Advisor: Kenneth L. Cooke


Cristina Garcia-Cardona                                                                                          2013

            Multiclass Learning on Graphs: Diffuse Interface Models and Beyond

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Allon Percus


Scott Gasner                                                                                                              2006

            Cellular Pattern Formation and Noise in O(2) Symmetric Systems

            Advisor: Peter Blomgren


Ruben Jeffrey Glueck                                                                                                            2013

Pseudo-Spectral and Kronecker Product Methods for Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations

Advisor: Ali Nadim


Chris Giles Graham                                                                                                   1996

            Cooperative Solution Concepts for Multi-Sided Assignment Games

            Advisor: William F. Lucas


Gregory Green                                                                                                           1992

            Confidence Bounds on Functions of Parameters

            Advisor: Janet Myhre


Hamza Abid-ali Hamza                                                                                             1997

            Multi-Person Cooperative Games: The Nucleoli Approach Assignment Games

            Advisor: William F. Lucas


Carole Hayakawa                                                                                                       2001

            Perturbation Monte Carlo Methods for the Solution of Inverse Problems

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Susan Kay Herring                                                                                                    1992

            Statistical Tests for Stochastic Dominance

            Advisor: Henry A. Krieger


Huy Hoang                                                                                                                2002

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Steady Turbulent Jets from Round Ribbed Tubes

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hamid Rahai


Christopher Hovick                                                                                                    2002

            Statistical and Structural Dynamic Analysis of the Earthman Periometer Measure of Tooth and Implant and Damping Capacity

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisors: Ortwin Ohtmer and John Angus


Wenzhang Huang                                                                                                       1990

            Studies in Differential Equations and Applications

            Advisor: Kenneth L. Cooke



(Anthony) Kwok Hui                                                                                                            2009

            Risk Analysis of Software Development using Bayesian Belief Network and Non-Linear Programming Methods

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisors: Dar-Biau Liu & Alpan Raval


Alice A. Huffman                                                                                                      1975

            Lifting Isomorphisms Between l-algebras of f-algebras

            Advisor: Melvin Henriksen


Vigen Isayan                                                                                                               2010

            t-copula Based Credit Risk Modeling in a Network Economy

            Advisor: Henry Schellhorn


Thomas E. Iverson                                                                                                     1975

            Extensions of the Theory of the Fractional Calculus with an Application

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Sammuel Jalali                                                                                                           2012

            A New Approach in Blind Equalization of Multipath Wireless Channels

            (Joint with CSULB) Advisor: Rajendra Kumar


Richard L. Jow                                                                                                            1983

            Some Contributions to the Theory of Random Sets

            Advisor: Richard Vitale


Khalil Antoun Kairouz                                                                                              2002

Numerical and Experimental Investigations of a Turbulent Junction Flow with Upstream Ribbed Surface

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hamid R. Rahai


Alice M. King                                                                                                                        1975


Rong Kong                                                                                                                 1999

            Transport Problems and Monte Carlo Methods

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Yongzeng Lai                                                                                                              1999

            Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods and their Applications

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


John Patrick Lambert                                                                                                            1982

            Some Developments in Optimal and Quasi-Monte Carlo Quadrature and a New Outlook on a Classical Chebyshev Problem

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Suzanne L. Larson                                                                                                     1984

            Convexity Conditions on a Class of Lattice Ordered Rings

            Advisor: Melvin Henriksen


Eugene Lavretsky                                                                                                       1999

            Neural Networks for Function Approximation and Control System Design

            Advisor: Robert Williamson


Hieu Le                                                                                                                       2004

A Method to Detect Single and Multiple Delamination Problems using a Combined Neural Network Technique and Genetic Algorithm Optimization

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Steven Lewis                                                                                                              2007

            Bayesian Parameter and Order Estimation in Profile Hidden Markov Models

            Advisor: Alpan Raval


Liming Li                                                                                                                    1995

            Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods for Transport Equations

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier



Alfonso Limon                                                                                                           2009

            A Multilevel Framework for PDEs whose Solution Exhibits Fast Transitions

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Aggie Gloria Ho Liu                                                                                                   1978

            Trees, Tree-Like Structures, and Extreme Points in Banach Spaces

            Advisor: Robert James


Shinen Lo                                                                                                                    2012

A Fire Spread Model Using Levet Set Methods

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Burkhard Englert


Patrick Longhini                                                                                                        2005

            Nonlinear Dynamics Design and Operation of Advanced Magnetic Sensors

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Antonio Palacios


Gabriel Lopez-Garza                                                                                                 2003

            Resonance and Strong Resonance for Semilinear Elliptic Equations in RN

            Advisor: Adolfo Rumbos


Haisheng Luo                                                                                                              1995

            Curve Estimation and Graduation

            Advisor: John Angus


Barry Luong                                                                                                               2003

Evaluation Modeling in Performance and Resource Allocation for Residential Broadband Gateways

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: John. Angus


Jose Alberto Luzardo-Flores                                                                                                1997

            Neural Networks for Approximation and Control of Continuous Time Nonlinear Systems

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: A. G. Chassiakos


Jose Macias                                                                                                                1998

            An Approximation Method for Solving Non-Homogeneous Wave Equations and Related Inverse Problems

            Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Earl H. Maize                                                                                                             1981

            Contributions to the Theory of Error Reduction in Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Kun Marhadi                                                                                                             2010

Investigation of Progressive Failure Robustness and Alternate Load Paths for Damage Tolerant Structures

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Satchi Venkataraman


Raymond Moberly                                                                                                     2012

            Quantization of a Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Decoder

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Michael E. O’Sullivan


Philip W. McCartney                                                                                                            1978

            On Some Banach Space Properties Related to the Radon-Nikodým Property

            Advisor: Robert James


Jeffrey Louis Molony                                                                                                            1997

            Studies of the Geometric Theory: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

            Advisor: Courtney Coleman


Imad Muhi El-Ddin                                                                                                   2009

Watermarking Schemes Robust against Affine Attacks: Applied Mathematics, An Application of Digital Image Processing in Information Technology

            Advisor: Hedley Morris


Susan Nachawati                                                                                                       2013

            DNA Visualization with Sacks Spiral Method: An Application in Genomic Engineering

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Forouzan Golshani


Hai Ah Nam                                                                                                               2010

Ab Initio Nuclear Shell Model Calculations of Some Light Nuclei with a Three-Nucleon Force

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Calvin Johnson


Rafael Navarro                                                                                                           2012

            Dynamical Properties of Bose-Einstein Condensates

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Ricardo Careterro


Rodrigo Negreiros                                                                                                     2010

            Numerical Study of the Properties of Compact Stars

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Fridolin Weber


Dan Manh Nguyen                                                                                                    2002

An Unified Automated Approach to Surface Approximation via Finite Element and Non Uniform Rational B-spline Methods

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisors: Ortwin Ohtmer and Ellis Cumberbatch


Dong Nguyen                                                                                                             2000

            Reliability Modeling and Evaluation in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisors: John Angus and Dar-Biau Liu


James Nguyen                                                                                                                        2009

            A Hardware Implementation of the Level Set Method for Robotic Path Finding with Multiple Obstacle Avoidance

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Ali Nadim


Tien Manh Nguyen                                                                                                   1995

            Mathematical Modeling and Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Modern Digital Communication Systems

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hen-Geul Yeh


Kieran Nolan                                                                                                              2009

            Meta-Scheduling of Level-Set Methods in a Grid Computing Environment

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisors: Dar-Biau Liu & Ali Nadim


Giray Ökten                                                                                                              1997

            Contributions to the Theory of Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Kim Joseph Olszewski                                                                                             1998

Concatenated Reed-Solomon and Reed-Muller Codecs with Blind Adaptation for CDMA Antenna Array Systems

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: R. Kumar


Fred Ovadia                                                                                                               1978

            Contributions to the Theory of Fractional Difference Operators

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Christopher Paolini                                                                                                   2007

            A Service-Oriented Architecture for Thermochemical Computation

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Subrata Bhattacharjee


Jeho Park                                                                                                                   2009

            Applications of Cluster Systems

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: John Angus


Claudia L. Pinter                                                                                                        1987

            The Average Error from the Approximation of Functions and Integrals

            Advisor: Robert Williamson


Carlos Orrala Poveda                                                                                                  2004

            Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Two Side-by-Side Turbulent Jets in a Cross Flow

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hamid R. Rahai


Jerry Emmett Purcell                                                                                                            1995

            Allpass Filters

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Leandro Recova                                                                                                          2014

            Applications of Morse Theory to Semilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems

            Advisor: Adolfo Rumbos


Norman Richert                                                                                                         1981

            Diophantine Approximation of Complex Numbers

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Beltran Rodriguez-Brito                                                                                           2010

            A Metagenomic Examination of a Solar Saltern in Southern California

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Forest Rohwer


Otilio Rojas Ulacio                                                                                                    2009

Modeling of Rupture Propagation under Different Friction Laws using High-Order Mimetic Operations

(JDP with SDSU) Advisors: Steven Day & José Castillo


Mary Royston                                                                                                                        1995

            Three-Sided Assignment Games

            Advisor: William F. Lucas


Thomas R. Savage                                                                                                     1977

            On Some Problems in the Theory of Von Neumann Regular Rings

            Advisor: Melvin Henriksen


Robert Armin Schmieder                                                                                          2012

            A Framework for Identifying Antibiotic Resistance in the Human Microbiome

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Robert Edwards


Adeline Schmitz                                                                                                        2007

Constructive Neural Networks for Function Approximation and their Application to CFD Shape Optimization

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hamid Hefazi


Henry J. Schultz                                                                                                       1974

            Banach and Frechet Algebras of Power Series


Robert Schmeider                                                                                                     2012

            A Framework for Identifying Antibiotic Resistance in the Human Microbiome

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Robert Edwards


Victor Seguritan                                                                                                       2013

            Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Anca Segall


John Sepikas                                                                                                             2011

            Enhanced Lattice Methods for High Dimensional Quadrature Applications

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier



Lucie Sharpsten                                                                                                        2013

            Predicting Glaucoma Progression Using Random Forests for Correlated Binary Response Based on Longitudinally Collected Standard Automated Perimetry Data

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Juanjuan Fan


Jody Hewychun Shu                                                                                                 2013

            Autonomous Voice and Motion Controlled Video Camera System for Instructional Technology

            Advisor: John Angus


Hiroki Sunahata                                                                                                        2006

Interaction of the Quantum Vacuum with an Accelerated Object and its Contribution to Inertia Reaction Force

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Alpan Raval


Jennifer M. Switkes                                                                                                  2000

            The Geographic Mosaic Theory in Relation to Coevolutionary Interactions between Two Species

            Advisor: Michael Moody


Allen Teagle-Hernandez                                                                                          2013

Very Efficient Numerical Solutions via the "Mehrstellen" Method in 1D, 2D, and 3D for Complex Differential Equations Demonstrated for Acoustics and Related Fields

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Ellis Cumberbatch


Ying Teng                                                                                                                   2005

Modeling and Simulation of Aeroservoelastic Control with Multiple Control Surfaces Using µ-Method

(JDP with CSULB) Advisor: H. P. Chen


Mary Thomas                                                                                                                        2014

Parallel Implementation of the Curvilinear Ocean and Atmospheric (UCOAM) Model and Supporting Computational Environment

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Jose Castillo


David Torres Barba                                                                                                  2011

            Assessment of Functional Activity in Isolated Cardiomyocytes using Computational            Methods

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Paul Paolini


Phuong Yen Thi Tran                                                                                                1996

            Asymptotic Reliability of the Hypercube and the D-Octahedral Networks

            Advisor: William F. Lucas


John C. Tripp                                                                                                             1975

            Multiplications on Banach Spaces

            Advisor: Sandy Grabiner

Gregg Turner                                                                                                             1991

            Spectral Conditions for Oscillations and Stabilization of Systems of Differential Equations with Piecewise Constant Arguments

            Advisor: Kenneth Cooke


Jorge Xicotencatl Velasco-Hernandez                                                                     1991

            Models of Chagas’ Disease: Stability, Thresholds and Asymptotic Behavior

            Advisor: Stavros Busenberg


Diana W. Verzi                                                                                                          2001

            A Mathematical Description of Diagrammatic Models for Structural Changes in Dendritic Spines

            Advisors: Ellis Cumberbatch, Steve Baer (ASU)


Minaya Villasana de Villagas                                                                                 2001

            A Delay Differential Equation Model for Tumor Growth

            Advisor: Ami Radunskaya


Michael Vodhanel                                                                                                     2011

            Problems in GPS Accuracy

            Advisor: John Angus


Rudolf Volz                                                                                                                1982

            Global Asymptotic Stability of a Periodic Solution to an Epidemic Model

            Advisor: Kenneth Cooke


Huy Khanh Vu                                                                                                           2011

            A Coupled Vibratory Gyroscope Network with Bi-directional, Uni-directional,

            And Direct Coupling

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisors: Antonio Palacios and Visarath In


Hsi-Ching Wang                                                                                                         2011

            Z’ of Gauged Baryon and Lepton Numbers at the Large Hadronic Collider

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Subhash Rajpoot


Jean H.M. Wang                                                                                                        1981

            Error Reduction Techniques for Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Calculations

            Advisor: Jerome Spanier


Jonathan Louis Wilson                                                                                              2013

Advancements in the Elicitation, Aggregation, and Forecasting of Probability Distributions Under Time Constraints

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Kristin Duncan





Chao-Jen Wong                                                                                                          2005

            An Embedding Method for Simulation of Immobilized Enzyme Kinetics and Transport in

            Sessile Hydrogen Drops

            Advisor: Ali Nadim


Binghui Wu                                                                                                                 1992

Integrated Semigroups of Bounded Linear Operations and their Applications to Inverse Problems

            Advisor: Stavros Busenberg


Kaiqi Xiong                                                                                                                1997

            Analysis of a Class of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Applications to Neural Networks

            Advisors: Jerome Spanier and Ellis Cumberbatch


Dong Xu                                                                                                                     2008

Femvib, An Ab Initio Multi-Dimensional Solver for Probing Vibrational Dynamics in Polyatomic Molecules and Free Radicals

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Andrew Cooksy


Thomas M. Zachariah                                                                                              1984

            Stochastic and Deterministic Sets

            Advisor: Richard A. Vitale


Peter Zajac                                                                                                                 2013

Globally Accessible Finite Element Based Web Solver for the Vibrational Schrodinger Equation and Application to HC30 and ZnCl2+

(JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Andrew Cooksy


Sara Zarei                                                                                                                   2012

            Mathematical Modeling of Cystic Fibrosis

            (JDP with SDSU) Advisor: Peter Salamon


Frederick P. Zemke                                                                                                    1975



Ming Zhou                                                                                                                 2010

            A Mathematical Analysis of Vesicle Shapes

            (JDP with CSULB) Advisor: Hsien-Yang Yeh


Bing Zhu                                                                                                                     2008

            Computational Modeling and Bifurcation Analysis of Bubbling Fluidized Processes

            Advisor: Antonio Palacios