Dr. Stewart I. Donaldson

Mentor & Coach

Dr. Donaldson has accumulated a wealth of experience during the past two decades mentoring and coaching professionals and graduate students. He has helped develop and improve a wide range of diverse people, teams, projects, programs, communities, and organizations. He has provided these services in the areas of leading and managing complex organizations, organization development consulting, program design and development, organizational research, training and development, and program, personnel, and organizational evaluation.

He has been chair or member of numerous master’s theses and doctoral dissertation committees at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). Dr. Donaldson also works with professionals across the country who hold key leadership and evaluation positions, through the highly successful non-residential Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation program at CGU.

Dr. Donaldson’s former students and mentees now hold major leadership, research, evaluation, and consulting positions, as well as university professorships across the globe. A sample of research project titles is listed below to provide you with a better understanding of Dr. Donaldson's work in these areas.

A Sample of Doctoral Dissertations Supervised (Chair or Member)

LaVelle, John (3/10/14)
An examination of evaluation education programs and evaluator skills across the world

Fleisher, Dreolin (9/27/13)
An Exploration of the Personal Factor as it Relates to Instrumental Evaluation Use

Yi, Rena (6/7/2013)
Reinventing the Workplace for Millennials through Relational Job Design and Relational Mentoring

Henderson, Megan (6/7/2013)
Career Management Strategies and Perceived Career Success and Satisfaction: Are Women Disadvantaged?

Fierro, Leslie (10/8/2012)
Clarifying the Connections: Evaluation Capacity and Intended Outcomes

Ozlati, Shabnam (10/6/2012)
Motivation, Trust, and Leadership: Predictors of Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Harnar, Michael (4/24/2012)
Theory Building through Praxis Discourse: A Theory-and-Practice Informed Model of Transformative Participatory Evaluation

Thomas, LaRease (11/21/2011)
Career Success and the Impact of Mentoring on Career Development for African American Men

Abdoun, Nora (5/26/2011)
Corporate Social Responsibility: Does it Really Matter?

Ko, Ia (5/25/2011)
Crafting a Job: Creating Optimal Experiences at Work

Lopez, Rachel (11/18/2010)
Understanding the Impact of Process Use and Use of Evaluation Findings on Program Participants

Kim, Chong (6/3/2010)
Examining the Influence of Relational Demography and Cultural Values on Leader Member Exchange in Asian American Employee and White Manager Dyads

Barnes, Lenora (9/29/2009)
The Effects of Organizational Cynicism on Community Colleges: Exploring Concepts from Positive Psychology

Puertas, Carlos (7/29/2009)
The Effects of Mobile Technology on Work-Life Outcomes

Ortega, Nicole (6/11/2009)
Examining Training Evaluation Relative to the Broader Field of Evaluation

Lewis-Duarte, Melissa (5/18/2009)
Executive Coaching: A Study of Coaches’ Use of Influence Tactics

Jamieson, Vanessa (5/05/2009)
Evaluation Practice and Technology

Montrosse, Bianca (4/28/2009)
Estimating the Effects of Teacher Certification on the Academic Achievement of Exceptional High School Students in North Carolina

Boyle, Shanelle (3/05/2009)
Using Appreciative Inquiry to Build Evaluation Capacity at Three Non-Profit Organizations

Kappenberg, Erin (1/22/2008)
A Model of Executive Coaching: Key Factors in Coaching Success

Sanguanphant, Chotima (12/20/2007)
Demographic Transition in Thailand: Political Capacity Matters?

Thomas, Craig (5/12/2007)
Assessing Motivational Response Bias: The Influence of Individual, Item, and Situational Characteristics on the Measurement of Self-Reported Health Indicators

Lowe, Marlene (8/28/2006)
The Role of Mentoring on Asian American Professionals' Career Outcomes

Nguyen, Rachel (5/13/2006)
Conflict in Functionally Diverse Teams

Wells, Kimberly (5/13/2006)
Creating Contexts for Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams: The Role of Socialization

Maxwell, Beverly (8/29/2005)
Feedback as it Relates to the Development of Leadership Self-Efficacy and Leadership Ability

Malsch, Anna (5/14/2005)
Prosocial Behavior Beyond Borders: Understanding a Psychological Sense of Global Community

Fero, Howard (5/14/2005)
Flow and Cynicism in the Workplace

Weiss, Rachel (5/17/2003)
Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Serostatus Disclosure Among a Diverse, Urban Sample of Employed HIV-Infected People

James, Inga (5/17/2003)
Employees as stakeholders: an examination of person-organization fit and corporate social performance

Bledsoe, Katrina (1/21/2003)
Effectiveness of Drug Prevention Programs Designed for Adolescents of Color: A Meta-analysis

Mersman, Jennifer (9/3/2002)
Balancing Emphasis in Organizational Culture: How Focusing on Customers, Employees, and Profit Affects Finanical Performance

Jones, Michelle (9/3/2002)
Conceptualizing Satisfaction in Performance More Broadly: What Can Be Gained by the Addition of Life Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior

Menkes, Justin (5/18/2002)
What Do Structured Interviews Actually Measure? A Construct Validity Study

Groves, Kevin (5/18/2002)
An Examination of Leader Social Intelligence and Follower Openness to Organizational Change as Key Components of Charismatic Leadership

Cabrera, Saki (9/4/2001)
An Examination of the Influence of Acculturative Stress on Substance Use and Related Maladaptive Behavior Among Latino Youth

Davidson, Elizabeth (9/4/2001)
The Meta-Learning Organization: A Model and Methodology for Evaluating Organizational Learning Capacity

Nofsinger, Chrismon (5/12/2001)
Metaphors and Management: The Use and Usefulness of Metaphors in Organizations

Brown, William (1/18/2000)
Organizational Effectiveness in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations: The Influence of the Board of Directors

Gillson, Lynette (1/18/2000)
A Mandate to Serve Expelled Students: An Evaluation of the Implementation of Assembly Bill 922 in a California School District

Farber, Stuart (8/31/1999)
Corporate Entrepreneurship within the Small Single Business Firm

Schaffner, Eric (1/19/1999)
Integrating Acquisitions: Initial Integration Dynamics Following a Corporate Acquisition

Moore, Christine (9/1/1998)
Understanding Voluntary Employee Turnover Within the New Workplace Paradigm: A Test of an Integrated Model

Grant-Vallone, Elisa (5/16/1998)
Work and Family Conflict: The Importance of Supportive Work Environments

McKenna, Robert (5/16/1998)
The Managerial Control and Empowerment Paradox: A Competing Values Approach to Effectiveness of Small Service Organizations

Smart, Geoffrey (5/16/1998)
Management Assessment Methods in Venture Capital: Toward a Theory of Human Capital Valuation

Jennex, Murray (11/21/1996)
Organizational Memory Effects on Productivity

Sherwood, Deborah (9/4/1997)
The Effect of Workplace and Restaurant Smoking Bans on the Perceived Risk of Secondhand Smoke: Do People Feel Safer?

Ensher, Ellen (5/17/1997)
The Effect of Social Exchanges on Diverse Mentoring Relationships and Career Outcomes

Kaufman, Karen (5/11/1996)
Choosing Unconventional Medicine: Predictors of Choice and Experiences of Individuals with HIV/AIDS

Kaneshiro, Eric (5/11/1996)
Multiculturalism and the Model Minority: Japanese Americans' Ethnic Identity and Psychosocial Adjustment

Kent, Douglas (5/11/1996)
Application of Health Behavior Theory to Increase Use of Advance Directives Among Individuals with HIV Disease

Derzon, James (1/15/1996)
A Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Various Antecedent Behaviors, Characteristics, and Experiences for Predicting Later Violent Behavior

Wilson, David (5/13/1995)
The Role of Method in Treatment Effect Estimates: Evidence from Psychological, Behavioral and Educational Meta-Analyses

A Sample of Professional Certificate Projects Supervised

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Positive Psychology Research Synthesis Project

Positive Organizational Psychology Evidence Review

Happiness Orientations, Work-Related Flow, and Performance at Work

Theories of Positive Change Project

Developing Evaluation Capacity for Rockefeller Foundation Grantees in Developing Countries

The State of Evaluation Education and Training Worldwide

The State of Evaluation Practice in Foundations

Evaluative Culture and Organizational Performance

Diversity and High Performing Teams

Asian Mentoring Networks and Career Development

Executive Coaching and Career Promotions

Leadership and Coaching in Thailand

African American Male Mentoring and Careers

Evaluative Culture and Innovation

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Effects of Trust in the Workplace