MGT 639 - Managing Flow in Organizations

In recent years, a number of firms have become interested in the concept of “flow” – the intense involvement that people experience when they are doing something they enjoy doing. A workplace that provides flow is likely to be more productive, to attract and retain more qualified personnel, and to generate better morale. Organizations ranging from Nissan to Volvo, from the Cirque du Soleil to the Swedish police have adopted elements of flow to improve the way they operate. Flow has also influenced research and advertising in firms like Sapient, MacKinsey, and DDB.

This course will prepare students to understand the psychological bases of the flow experience, the obstacles to it that are typically present in organizations, and the ways that one can make work more enjoyable and fulfilling for oneself and for others. The skills acquired in this course will be useful to future entrepreneurs, personnel managers, and anyone interested in improving the quality of life in the workplace and beyond.


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