The Community Fellows Program

Providing high quality, low cost consulting and evaluation services to nonprofit organizations

For the past nine years, the Community Fellows Program at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) has provided valuable evaluation and technical assistance services to non-profit organizations across Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.  Consultants provide critical services to help complete projects, build organizational capacity, and ensure the success and longevity of organizations working to solve pressing social problems.


Consulting Services

Community Fellows provide high quality temporary consultation to organizations at less cost than a part- or full-time staff. The program recognizes the burden of hiring new staff, and offers an affordable option without the usual obligation.

Specifically, the Community Fellows Program can offer the following:

  • Affordable, high quality services provided by a master’s level consultant.  Services include program evaluation, needs assessment, development of client tracking systems, survey development, and grant writing.
  • Close collaboration with each organization to assess the organization’s needs, develop the project scope and timeline, and plan expected outcomes of the project.
  • A commitment to work with each organization, on a close individual basis, to select an appropriate consultant who has the skills needed to provide quality service.
  • Quality assurance whereby consultants have access to expert faculty who advise on an as-needed basis.

Reduced rates or fund matching for organizations meeting certain criteria.

Who We Are

As a national leader in evaluation and applied social science, Claremont Graduate University is committed to training researchers and scholars to engage in social problem solving and to support local communities and organizations. The Community Fellows Program is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the community and shaping careers of future leaders by providing an opportunity for talented graduate students to apply their skills. Alumni who served as Community Fellows now hold positions in government, health care, community settings, universities, consulting, research institutes and think tanks across the globe.

A History of Success

Consultants have worked on a variety of consulting projects and assignments in the greater Los Angeles area. These consulting experiences have been life altering for Community Fellows, and many continue to work for the agencies. Below are examples of completed projects:

  • Evaluation of a family literacy program
  • Development of a client tracking system and manual for staff training
  • Development of a tool to assess evaluation capacity of Los Angeles County HIV/AIDS organizations which helped the organizations build capacity and better evaluate their programs
  • Evaluation of a program that trains preschool teachers to identify children with possible mental disorders
  • Work with an after-school program to assess data collection practices, develop a database management program, and develop a system for disseminating evaluation results internally and externally

Client Testimonials  

Organizations served by the Community Fellows Program have expressed great satisfaction with the consultants and services provided. Below are testimonials to illustrate:

"(The consultant) was instrumental in the development of an organization-wide database. She also reinforced the positive impact evaluation can have on an organization. This has been the greatest opportunity for our organization. Thank you!" -- Ana Rosenberg, LA's BEST

"Your Program has enabled our agency to 'take a good look' at the children who receive mental health services from us. Because of Community Fellows, we can increase the effectiveness of our treatment delivery and provide better and more culturally competent services." -- Dr. Harry Udin, Tri-City Mental Health

"I found (the consultant) to be very knowledgeable, professional, and self-motivated. She did an outstanding job with us and will undoubtedly be an asset to the profession... Keep the consultants coming -- we will make ourselves available to work with Community Fellows consultants every year if possible." -- Dr. Barbara Stroud, Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic

Contact Us

We are currently creating a list of interested organizations in our community. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity by contacting Community Fellows Program Coordinator Natasha Wilder at 909-607-9013 or at