Women's Studies Program

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Applied Women's Studies

Degree Requirements

Nine courses totaling 36 units are required. The program can be completed in three semesters of full-time course work or on a part-time basis.

Distribution Requirements

AWS Courses are complemented by the diverse courses offered by CGU academic programs to fulfill the interdisciplinary requirement of the AWS program. Students take courses to complement and strengthen their knowledge and skills in particular academic disciplines or in their particular fields of interests. Please visit CGU's class schedule for current courses being offered. 

Required Courses (16 units)

  • Feminist Theory
  • Feminist Research Applications. An introduction to basic skills requested by employers such as grant writing, use of databases, press relations, and electronic research.
  • Analytic Tools. Any course in research methods, such as quantitative research, legal research, and field research.
  • An Internship or Policy Clinic. The internship provides real life experience within an organization, building on skills and knowledge gained in the classroom.  For a list of past internship opportunities, click here.

Concentration (12 units)

The concentration allows a student to specialize in an area of study such as politics, humanities, education, or develop expertise in an area of interest (e.g., educational policies, environmental issues, women’s leadership, and others).

Electives (8 units)

Students can use the electives to add further analytical tools, such as data analysis, statistics, or legal research methods, to broaden their knowledge of a social issue or to gain expertise in other feminist methodologies.


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