Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid

1.  I probably don't qualify for aid.  Should I apply for aid anyway?
Yes. Many students mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid by failing to apply for it.  Stafford and Grad Plus loans are available regardless of need.  The FAFSA form is free, so why not apply!

2.  Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for federal financial aid at Claremont Graduate University?
No. You can apply for financial aid any time after January 1st. To actually receive the funds, however, you must be admitted and enrolled at CGU.

3.  Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?
Yes. Our office recommends that you apply for financial aid every year if you would like to be considered for Federal Aid. Apply on line at

4. What is the minimum number of units I need to enroll in to be eligible for Federal Aid (Stafford, Grad PLUS, Work Study)
Students must be enrolled in no less than 4 degree-seeking units OR Doctoral Studies/Continuous Registration.

5.  What is the "Cost of Attendance?"
The student's cost of attendance includes not only tuition and fees, but also living expenses while attending school.  The school uses guidelines established by federal regulation to determine the "cost of attendance."

6.  Are my parents responsible for my Graduate education?
No. Once you are a graduate student, you are considered "independent" and no longer need your parent's information to qualify for Federal loans. You should complete your FAFSA with your information only.

7.  What are the annual Federal Loan limits for graduate students?
Eligible U.S. Citizens and permanent residents may qualify for up to $20,500 each year from the Stafford Loan program.

8.  How do I get supplementary loans beyond Stafford loans?
Grad Plus and Private loans are available for a student's unmet cost of attendance.  More detailed information is available on our home page at

9.  Where can I get information about Federal student financial aid?
Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) at 1-800-4-FED-AID and ask for a free copy of The Student Guide: Financial Aid from the US Department of Education.


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