Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


What is the McNair Scholars Program?

The McNair Scholars Program is for low-income students who are either (A) first generation college students, or (B) from a group underrepresented at the doctoral level (e.g., African-American, Latino-American, or Native American). The Program encourages students to pursue graduate studies by providing opportunities to define goals, engage in research, and develop the skills and student/faculty mentor relationships critical to success at the doctoral level.


Who is eligible for the Program?

Please see the Program Eligibility page for a complete description of eligibility requirements and scholar expectations.


What if I'm interested in a degree other than the Ph.D.?

Students interested in a degree other than the Ph.D. (such as the J.D., M.B.A., or the M.D.) are not eligible for the McNair Scholars Program.


What major do I have to be to qualify for the Program?

Students can be in any major to qualify.


What does the program entail?

The McNair Scholars Program provides each selected college student a six-week summer academic program designed to increase skills, confidence, and encourage enrollment in graduate school. As a McNair Scholar, you will receive 10 units of graduate credit for successfully completing five graduate level courses during a six week summer session. Depending on the institution, these courses may become part of the student's program at their undergraduate institution, as elective units or, when appropriate, as part of the major.


What are some benefits of being a McNair Scholar?

There are many benefits that await McNair scholars.
  • In addition to the graduate-level courses, the McNair Scholars Program offers workshops that cover topics such as the graduate school application process, GRE preparation, and financial aid opportunities.
  • Each scholar receives a $2,100 stipend. Stipends are disbursed as Scholars achieve specific milestones in their individualized educational plan.
  • McNair scholars are also eligible for GRE application fee waivers, application fee waivers to selected graduate schools, and fellowships that are specifically for students in the McNair Scholars Program.
Please see the Program Highlights page for more details.


When does the Summer Session begin?

Although the exact date varies from year to year, the summer session generally starts the Monday after Father's Day and lasts for six weeks.


What are some courses available during the summer session?

Please see the Course Description page for syllabi of past summer courses.


Sounds like a very intensive program. Do students ever get to have fun?

Of course! During the summer session, the McNair Scholars Program organizes a number of fun activities such as museum trips, dinner theater, and baseball games.


What happens after the summer session?

Students will find and pair with a graduate faculty mentor whose research interests match theirs. Under the direction of this mentor students will collaborate on a research project. In addition, students are expected to complete certain set milestones and attend a number of McNair Research Conferences throughout the year. See the Calendar of Events for details.


I live too far from CGU. Will I have to commute?

Housing is provided at Claremont Graduate University during the six-week summer session.


I live out of state. Can I apply to the CGU McNair Scholars Program?

No. Since the Program is a one year commitment and requires scholars to return to CGU several times for workshops, students who live outside of Southern California are encouraged to apply to the McNair Scholars Program in schools closest to them.


Where can I find information about other schools that offer the Program?

A complete list of schools that offer the McNair Scholars Program can be found here.


How much is the application fee?

Applying to the CGU McNair Scholars Program is free!


When is the application due?

The date varies from year to year, but in general applications are due on the second Friday in Februrary.


Sounds great! Where can I get an application?

You can download an application here.


Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

For further questions, you may contact our program's Director Leon Wood at (909) 621-8577 or send an email to mcnair@cgu.edu.