Master of Arts Degree (M.A.)

We currently educate approximately 65 graduate students per year in our Master of Arts Degree Program. Students engage in 48 units of rigorous graduate coursework focused on theory, research, and applications of the science of psychology.   In addition to developing a wide breadth of knowledge in psychology, each student selects a focused plan of study resulting in one of the following co-concentrations (click on the links below for program requirements, or follow the navigation links to the left for information about these areas of study):

We have a high graduation rate and the majority of our students complete the Applied Psychology M.A. program in two years. Graduates of our Applied Psychology M.A. Program report experiencing much success in a wide range of rewarding and lucrative careers.  For example, many of our graduates hold major leadership, research, consulting, or evaluation positions in large private corporations, not-for-profit organizations, government, health care, public health, mental health agencies, community settings, research institutes and think tanks, and at colleges and major universities across the globe.

Some graduates decide to pursue a Ph.D. degree after competing the M.A. program.  Students who do well in our Applied Psychology M.A. Program are highly sought after by some of the most competitive Ph.D. programs in the world.  Numerous graduates of the M.A. Program have been admitted to one of our Ph.D. programs at Claremont Graduate University.  These students are allowed to transfer all 48 units toward the requirements for a Ph.D. degree at CGU.

This MA program does not require that students complete a thesis, and independent research is not a required component of the program. Students typically secure additional research training through an internship or job opportunities with faculty on campus (including faculty from other Claremont Colleges) or organizations outside of the University. These research projects can provide students with valuable experience, and in some cases, may result in professional presentations and publications. In rare circumstances, students may complete a thesis project if arranged with an individual faculty member.

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Financial Aid

All Applied Psychology M.A. students who request financial aid receive fellowships.  In addition, significant increases in faculty research funding have resulted in a substantial increase in the number of stipends and the amount of tuition remission support we are able to provide.  M.A. students are regularly hired for a range of paid research and staff positions.  The CGU Office of Student Financing assists students with finding work study positions, private scholarships, and government loans.  At the time a student is offered admission to our Applied Psychology M.A. Program, faculty contact students to discuss the financial aid that is available to support their graduate work.

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Stewart I. Donaldson

Professor & Dean

William D. Crano

Professor & Chair

Michelle C. Bligh
Associate Professor

Dale E. Berger

Kathy Pezdek

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Michael Hogg

Michael Scriven

Distinguished Research Professor

Tiffany Berry
Research Faculty

Jeanne Nakamura


Allen M. Omoto

Tarek Azzam



Eusebio Alvaro
Research Faculty

Jason Siegel

Research Faculty



For More Information

Faculty and advanced CGU graduate students would be happy to provide you with more information about graduate training in applied psychology and related career opportunities.  To make a phone appointment or to arrange a visit to campus, please e-mail Kristen Ahn at