Department of Economics


Mental Models and Economic Policy: Neo-liberalism and Its

Competition, Claremont Graduate University, April 1-2, 2005

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Friday, April 1st


Albrecht Auditorium, CGU


9:00      Coffee


9:30 – 11:00      I.  Overview Session


“Ideologies, Mental Models, and the Debate About Ideas”

      Tom Willett, Claremont Colleges

      Ravi Roy, Southern Utah University

“Shared Mental Models”

      Art Denzau, Claremont Graduate University

“The Meanings of Neoliberalism”

      Nancy Auerbach, Scripps College


11:00 – 11:15     Break  


11:15 – 12:30     II.  The Evolution of Economic Ideas


                               Chair:  Sven Arndt, Claremont McKenna College

“The Evolution of Macroeconomics Doctrine”

      Graham Bird, University of Surrey

“The Spread of Neoclassical Economic Ideas”

      Tom Borcherding, Claremont Graduate University


12:30 –  2:00     Lunch


  2:00 –  3:30     III.  Neoliberalism and Its Competitors


A.  Eastern Europe and Russia

Chair:  Patricia Dillon, Scripps College

·         Hilary Appel, Claremont McKenna College

·         King Banaian, St. Cloud State (Ukraine)

·         Shale Horowitz, University of WisconsinMilwaukee


   3:30 – 3:45     Break


3:45 – 5:15

B.  Africa, Latin America and the Middle East

Chair:  Nancy Auerbach, Scripps College

·         Leslie Armijo, Reed College

·         Andy Hira, Simon Fraser University

·         Pierre Englebert, Pomona College

·         Lewis Snider, Claremont Graduate University


   5:15 – 6:00     Reception


Saturday, April 2nd

Stauffer 106, CGU


  8:30    Coffee


  9:00 – 10:15    III.  Neoliberalism and Its Competitors – continued

C.  In the US and Western Europe

Chair:  James Lehman, Pitzer College

·         Ravi Roy, Southern Utah University

·         Nigel Boyle, Pitzer College

·         Hilton Root, Pitzer College


 10:15 – 10:30    Break


 10:30 – 12:30

D.  Asia

            Chair:  Don Crone, Scripps College India

      Ashima Goyal, Visiting Scholar, CGU Indonesia

      Steve Marks, Pomona College “Thakshinomics in Thailand

      Penny Angkinand, CGU Japan

      Art Denzau, Claremont Graduate University China

      John Siebert, former CGU Board of Trustees member “Asian Economic Development Models”

      Ramkishen Rajan, National University of Singapore


  12:30 –           Lunch


Funding from the Freeman Program in Asian Political Economy


the Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies

is gratefully acknowledged


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