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MGT 359 5010 1 Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
This course is designed to explore the creation of new companies based on technological innovations. No scientific background is required of students. The ideas for technology-based entrepreneurial opportunities arise primarily in university research laboratories, and the challenges of transferring the technology from the university setting to the commercial sector will be explored. Likewise, technology innovations are generally protected by patents, and the process of filing patent applications and obtaining issued patents will be explained. Technology companies face important strategic decisions in building and defending their patent portfolios, and students will begin to appreciate the role of these decisions in shaping the company and creating competitive advantage. Business plans will be examined, both to understand their basic structure, as well as to appreciate their utility as a risk management tool. The basics of venture capital financing will be explained along with other financing options that are available to technology-based companies. The impact of venture financing on the growth and maturation of the company, and the challenges faced by young companies in building value and in satisfying investor desires for liquidity will be explored. The course will provide case studies and opportunities for evaluating technology-based business opportunities.