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2010 Fall - RELIGION
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RELIGION 336TH 1383 1 Systematic Theology
Theology means "God Talk". But can we "talk" what must infinitely surpass our understanding? What would we say in the face of multiple possibilities in which people experience this infinite reality we name "God"? How would we think of the multi;licity of answers which were given to these experiences both within a certain tradition and between religions and cultures? Why should we try to express, and why has theology experiementally sought and found, modes of thought to address such questions instead of just being assured of certain experiences, beliefs, and convictions, or by remaining silent? In fact, Christian theology is a "creature" from a multicultural and interreligious mileu, in which it has asked , and still asks, the major questions that Christians in their multiple contexts have faced through time and addressed them by adventurously testing the most influential responses that Christians have given to them. This course will "seek understanding" (fides quarens intellectum) of these questions by exploring the variety of Christian understandings of God, god's relation to the world, Christ, the Spirit, Trinity, creation, the intecultural and interreligious contexts of the Church, and the quest for God's kingdon-to-come. The class encourages students to address these topics in relation to contemporary intellectual, cultural, ethical, social, and political issues, as well as its application to practical and ministerial situations.