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2010 Fall - RELIGION
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RELIGION 444TH 1392 1 Whitehead & Deleuze
Today, Whitehead’s philosophy is newly discovered to be in the line of ancestors of the postmodern, deconstructive and poststructuralist philosophy. It is this discovery that led Gilles Deleuze to acclaim Whitehead’s Process and Reality as “one of the greatest books in modern philosophy.” The seminar will investigate this claim in light of the manifoldness of postmodern thought—e.g., Baudrillard, Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, Kristeva, Lacan, Lyotard and Zizek—and their sources of inspiration—de Saussure, Freud, Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche—but also in contrast to streams of Whiteheadian thought, such as Rescher’s “process metaphysics” and Griffin’s “constructive postmodernism.” In exploring Whitehead’s resonance with, and difference from, postmodern thought, we will ask for the potential of a mutual reconstruction of their thought from ontology to theology, from cosmology to culture, with the intention to slowly build up an understanding of the different “archi/tecture” of their philosophies and their contribution to contemporary questions.