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2010 Fall - RELIGION
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Course
RELIGION 432IS 1272 1 Islam in America
The course will trace the historical origins of Islam in America and emergence of identifiable Muslim communities, movements, and trends that are part of the Islamic landscape of the US, patterns of migration, the ethnic makeup of such communities, political identity, gender-justice issues, and cases of conversion to Islam. We spend substantial amount of time in articulating the indigenous and immigrant Muslim experiences in America. Also, we examine in depth the emergence of national, regional, and local Muslim institutions, patterns of development pursued by a number of them, and levels of cooperation or antagonism. Finally, the last section is devoted to a study of the re-interpretation of Islam that is undertaken in light of the exigencies in the West along with a critical examination of the impacts of 9/11 on Muslim communities and the trajectory of Islam in America.