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2010 Fall - RELIGION
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RELIGION 307HC 1379 1 History of World Christianity
The History of World Christianites is an introduction to the historical developments of theology, practice and institutions within the Christian tradition. The course objective is to provide students with a working vocabulary and a historical narrative for understanding the beliefs that have been central to the Christian tradition, both western and nonwestern. How did Christians formulate their beliefs? How did they interpret the Bible and live out their faith convictions? What are the options of theological belief within the tradition? The historical perspective reveals how Christian doctrines were formed and reformulated, what forces impacted them, and consequently what impact they had. Surveys the history of world Christianity, covering as much of its global spread, theological expr ession, and conceptual and practical development as possible in a semester. We will use primary texts to anchor our study and to provide us with places for some of the formative figures and learn about pivotal moments that shaped the history of the church. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a broad sweep of the history of Christianity in order to understand the development of Christian identities in various contexts.