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2011 Fall - TNDY
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TNDY 403T 1268 1 Arts Education: Collaborating for Future Success
The course will explore the theory and practice of arts education for educators and arts managers. Despite convincing research that creativity and the arts contribute significantly to student success, teachers and arts practitioners face many challenges when working at the intersection of arts and learning. Resource limitations and lack of arts policy undermine support of arts education within educational institutions. Arts organizations strive to fill gaps left by diminished classroom arts instruction and, for many groups, arts education funding is frequently the most promising opportunity in an otherwise bleak arts resource development landscape. These circumstances often bring educational and arts professionals into a working relationship, whose practices are informed by widely differing goals, training, and values. In the search for innovative, sustainable ways to support arts education, partnerships and collaborative ventures are seen increasingly as best practice strategies. Successful partnerships are dependent on mutual understanding of the missions and goals towards which the partners are working, as well as mutual respect for each others' competencies. To lay the groundwork for effective collaboration between educators and arts practitioners, we will investigate how arts education is central to success in both fields.