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2011 Fall - TNDY
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TNDY 403X 1421 1 Yoga & Ultimate Reality - Transdisciplinary Perspectives
Yoga, whose origins can be traced to the Indus Valley in the 3rd millennium BCE, has been an enduring philosophical and health tradition in India. Now it has taken root in the West. Yoga also has been used and misused in recent years, leading to controversy and tensions between India and the West. In this course, Yoga will be examined in light of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra along with health, economic, and political forces that have shaped it. Yoga proponents complain that today's Yoga, as practiced in the West, strips away the spiritual aspect. Without the spiritual component, Yoga has no soul. How much of this is justified? The course will ask several important questions, including: "What is Yoga and what is the goal of Yoga?" in the context of six Indian schools of philosophy. What does ultimate realty mean to true Yoga followers? Ultimate reality or not, Yoga has always attracted many people from different faiths and creeds. What are those alluring aspects? Universal-now the global-phenomenon that the Yoga has will set the students on the path to explore the subject from many angles. The students will have an opportunity to visit a couple of different Yoga studios in the area to see Yoga in action and then write a report after interviewing the operators, the teachers, and the students. The course will be augmented by primary and secondary readings, images, videos, music, asana demonstrations by an expert yoga instructor, and guest speakers.