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2012 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 403Y 3258 1 The History & Theory of Museums
This course examines the history and theory of museums as repositories and creators of knowledge, memory and culture. We will consider both the theoretical and practical components of museums, examining their origins, their development over time and their on-going role as a nexus of academic and public debate about core social, national and universal values. We will study recent museum exhibitions that elicited energetic public debate about content and about the role of the museum in society. In addition, we will examine the practical side of museum work as we meet museum professionals and artists who will explain how they do their work, how they like their work displayed, and how they decide what to collect and what to curate. We will also puzzle over the future of the museum as institutions, public and private, and also the future of display, collection, ownership in a multi-media and increasingly digital world. Students will be able to engage in a wide-range of projects in this course working within and across the large disciplinary terrain in which museum work and theory reside.