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2012 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 404A 3335 1 Social Learning Technologies: A CGU Practicum
This practicum course represents a unique opportunity to research and design a social networking system that facilitates doctoral learning, research, and dissertation conduct here at Claremont Graduate University. The course will commence with a discussion of theories on social learning and networking. A review of various software approaches to online learning networks will then be performed. Following that, a series of interviews will be conducted with representatives from different stakeholder groups here at CGU. Based on these efforts, students will contribute to the design of a beta version of a CGU student-based social network, that will then be tested through several use scenarios. Finally, evaluation metrics of determining impact on research timeliness, quality, and peer participation will be determined. In short, the course will bring together concepts from a range of disciplines to create something unique in higher education and of value to CGU.