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2012 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 404C 3433 1 African Concepts & Methods of Africana Studies
There is no question that leadership profoundly affects our lives through our roles in various types of organizations, including commercial enterprises, educational institutions, families, and other social groups outside of the workplace. As an area of study, leadership is a very complicated and elusive subject to understand and explain, making it ideally suited to approach from different disciplines and perspectives. Nonetheless, throughout history the successes and failures of individuals, groups and organizations have been attributed to leadership. In this course, we will cover many of the key topics in leadership in order to give you a basic understanding of the theory and practice of leadership Furthermore, we will explore ways in which your own leadership skills can be developed. We will also explore how research and knowledge of these topics can be applied in the workplace. Classes will be mixed-format in nature. I will lecture some of the time; however, much of our time will be spent on interactive activities, cases, and discussions. Classes will also include small group work, video-based discussions, and other experiential activities.