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2012 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 404E 3463 1 Leadership Organization & Society
This course focuses on how fundamental elements of human character and values influence the functioning of organizations and society more generally. In particular, the course explores fourteen distinct elements (e.g., power, courage, humility) of human character from the vantage point of multiple social science and liberal art disciplines. For example, in the class session that is focused on power, students will explore literature (i.e., Machiavelli’s, The Prince), sociology (i.e., C.W. Mills, The Power Elite), psychology (e.g., the classic work of French and Raven), and other disciplines to understand the definition of power, the ways that power is deployed in organizations, and how power can produce positive (and negative) organizational outcomes. Each class session will also focus how the focal concept applies to a contemporary issue in organizations and society. So, to continue with our power example, we will explore how the uprising in the Middle East can be explained and investigated from the perspective of power. For each class session, we will focus on a different contemporary issue (e.g., the Madoff scandal, the economic situation in Greece, the appointment of a new IBM CEO). Finally, we conclude eachclass session with a “personal journal” exercise that enables students to reflect on how this class discussion influences or will influence their leadership style.