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2012 Fall - TNDY
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TNDY 404J 1243 1 Civic Participation and Civil Society
This course explores participation in public and civic life and institutions across a number of domains (e.g., electoral politics, environmental action, and systems for health care delivery). By way of readings, discussions, presentations, and projects, the course will focus on developing an understanding of some of the causes, correlates, and consequences of civic participation for individuals, social groups, institutions, and societies. A variety of forms of participation likely will be studied, some of which are already the focus of disciplinary traditions or multi-disciplinary exploration: political involvement, service learning and engaged scholarship, philanthropy and charitable giving, social movements, and volunteerism. In addition, attention will be paid to the settings and contexts for participation, from public spaces (e.g., parks and museums) to service organizations to churches and other faith-based institutions. At a broader level, the ties of civic participation and institutions to “civil society” will be discussed. The course should be of interest to students from a number of disciplines whether they are primarily interested in theoretical issues or more pragmatic concerns about how to increase or effectively utilize citizen involvement.