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2013 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 404M 3110 1 Succeeding In and Transforming Organizations
This course gives you the keys to survival and success in any organization—be it for-profit, nonprofit, government, or volunteer—as well as the concepts, frameworks, tools and techniques for leading change, managing new ventures, and transforming organizations toward greater sustainability. The course draws on a number of academic disciplines including management, leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, psychology and cultural anthropology. As such, this Drucker MBA elective is cross-listed as a trans-disciplinary course. If you are a Masters or a Ph.D. student in any school within CGU, you can take this course as long as you clearly understand that (a) all the cases that we will discuss in this course are from the business world at present, (b) the primary method of teaching is an in-depth discussions of these cases based on the course concepts, and (c) the final exam will be either a self-reflection paper or a paper on a course topic of interest to you to be approved by the instructor. The course is built on real-world cases, some of which have been disguised because of the sensitive nature of the issues involved. Live cases, visitors, videos, exercises, and role-plays are also used as appropriate in conjunction with the course text and cases. Students are expected to contribute actively and consistently in class discussions.