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2013 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 404N 3111 1 Transdisciplinary Inquiry: Theory and Practice
This course will trace the history of transdisciplinary research in a wide range of fields in the Arts and Humanities as well as the social, biological and physical sciences. Concepts from physics like the Heisenberg Principle have influenced literary criticism; similarly, game theory influences popular culture, literary and historical interpretation; neuroscience increasingly contributes to a range of fields from economics (neuroeconomics) to the humanities (neurohumanities). And these are only a few instances from a wide array of examples. In addition to analyzing examples of transdisciplinary catalysis and synthesis, we will pay special attention to the transformative moments in which new knowledge is produced that goes beyond the conceptual frameworks of any single discipline. We will also investigate how the academy can incorporate, evaluate, and appropriately reward transdisciplinary work.