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2013 Summer - TNDY
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TNDY 402Z 5062 1 Akko: Public Archaeology, Conservation & Heritage
This course will introduce students to the city of Akko from numerous perspectives including: history, archaeology, religion, culture, tourism, and city government through a series of lectures presented by the faculty on site, work and tours of the Tel and the country, and guest speakers. The lectures will cover the major historical and archaeological periods represented in Akko and the larger context in which Akko functioned. To better understand the complexities involved in Akko people from the city government and tourist agencies will also talk about the problems faced in dealing with a modern city built directly upon a very ancient one. The first weekend will provide detailed tours of the remains of the many different periods in which the city of Akko flourished. The trip to Jerusalem will focus on the Old City of Jerusalem to provide a comparison of how a city directly connected to Akko deals with similar issues and remains from many of the same historical periods. The tours on the final weekend will focus on nearby cities and sites to reveal how Akko fit into its historic contexts, functioned as a port city, and yet remains quite unique. Class will be taught in Akko, ISRAEL.??Faculty include the following: Tammi Schneider (CGU/School of Religion); Lori Anne Ferrell (CGU/ Arts & Humanities); Gary Gilbert (Claremont McKenna College/Department of Religion); Anne E. Killebrew ( Penn State University, Department of Classical Studies); Martha Risse (Trinity College, Classics Department).