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2013 Fall - EDUC
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EDUC 426 1279 1 Social Capital, Cultural Capital, & Educational Opportunity
This course will focus on the impact of cultural and social capital on educational trajectories. The procedural knowledge that families have at their disposal about how to ensure their children’s success in the educational system (cultural capital) and the connections that they develop with key institutional agents like teachers, principals, counselors, tutors, other parents, etc. (social capital) play a pivotal role in the educational experiences of students. We will examine the intellectual history of these concepts, current exemplars of research that utilize these concepts, and critical reflection on research traditions. The course will also focus on the study of social processes and interaction patterns in educational organizations; relationship of such organizations to aspects of society, social class, and power; social relations within school, college, and university; formal and informal groups, subcultures in educational systems; roles of teachers, students, and administrators.