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2013 Fall - EDUC
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Course
EDUC 559 1476 1 Community College Administration & Leadership
This is a hybrid doctoral level seminar that combines content from the on-line Community College Professional Leadership certificate program and a series of physical seminar meetings on the CGU campus. Students in this seminar will subscribe to the online program that begins on August 3 with a mandatory orientation session on the CGU campus and will meet physically in a 3-hour seminar format at four points across the fall semester. The meetings are designed to build on and draw from the content delivered through the certificate program. Students will engage in additional readings and in-depth discussion for the classroom meetings. The online component covers six areas that are led by a mix of CGU faculty and senior community college professionals. These areas include: Instruction and Enrollment Management Community Colleges Student Services Community College Finance and Facilities Effective Communication and Change Assessment and Evaluation Community College Leadership Students will be required to successfully complete the online course modules listed above, participate in the orientation session, and attend each of the CGU class meetings.