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2013 Fall - EDUC
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Course
EDUC 303A-SPS 1208 1 Special Education M/S Methods & Internship Teaching
During internship teaching, candidates work as fully paid teachers in local school districts on an internship credential while receiving personal mentoring from a faculty advisor. Saturday classes as described in TLP II and III are constructed to assist new teachers with the more practical aspects of teaching and then move into more theoretical paradigms as they learn and grow as a teacher. During Saturday sessions interns will meet with their faculty advisor and advisory group ten times in the Fall and six times in the Spring to augment resources and dialogue with their peers. Such support during the first year of teaching has been noted by alumni as one of the most critical components of the program. During this course, students work on portions of their Ethnography Projects. This course is for Moderate/Severe students.