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2013 Fall - EDUC
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EDUC 635 1286 1 Special Education Trends, Issues & Policy Development
This seminar focuses on past, present, and future categorical and non-categorical service delivery options and accountability systems for students with disabilities. Course content focuses on present and emerging national and state policies on topics such as social justice and disability, disproportional representation of culturally and linguistically diverse students in special education, instructional and assessment accommodations and modifications, data-based practices, and teacher retention. Particular attention will be paid to emerging data-based and validated research-based practices resulting in these students being career or college ready. The seminar is well suited to future faculty, as well as teachers and school leaders working in K-16 school settings. It integrates technology into instructional delivery, including distance delivery of some portions of the class. In addition to completing standard readings and assignments, students will be expected to participate in specially arranged teleconferences and one archived Webinar. Class attendance is mandatory.