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2013 Fall - EDUC
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EDUC 321 1493 1 Educational Philosophy & The Common Core
While it is important for teachers to know what to do, it's just as important for them to understand why they (should) do it. In this course, participants will examine and respond to historically significant philosophies and pedagogies with the purpose of articulating and refining their own educational philosophies. To explore and develop authentic and effective practices and strategies they can implement in their classrooms, participants will examine how prominent pedagogies and their own philosophies overlap with and veer from the values reflected in the Common Core standards. Some of the perspectives we will examine include classical, critical, and culturally sensitive; some materials, however, will be selected based on the particular needs of the enrolled students. The culminating assignment is a narrative unit plan, in which participants will weave together their instructional strategies, learning goals, and philosophical perspectives. This class is restricted to those who are doing the "Geo-Far" option of CGUís Induction Program. The class is asynchronous and conducted online. Given the online format of this class, participantsí must be able to independently navigate and make use of Sakai, as well as other web tools. Additional prerequisites include easy access to a computer with a reliable internet access.