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2013 Fall - EDUC
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EDUC 580B 1484 1 Capstone for Doctoral Research
This course is primarily designed to prepare doctoral students for the process of writing their research outlines and dissertation proposals. In addition, it will allow students to gain the skills necessary to critically evaluate the design of published research in their respective areas of expertise. The target audience for the course is doctoral students in the School of Educational Studies (SES) who have completed their first qualifying exam, research tools (i.e., taken qualitative, mixed, and/or quantitative methods courses), and who are at or near the proposal stage of their doctoral programs. Students will be required to work with their peers and the instructor to craft a mock dissertation proposal which will include the following sections: (1) introduction (i.e., purpose, statement, and research questions), (2) literature review map, (3) theoretical framework, and (4) methods (i.e., sample, data collection, data analysis, and limitations). Prerequisite: Departmental approval pending confirmation of 62 units of completed course work (including transfer units) plus one approved qualifying exam. NOTE: This course is required for all doctoral students in SES entering in summer 2013 or later. Although the focus will be on proposal development, it does not take the place of the doctoral advisor and dissertation committee. Students must consult with their advisor regarding the expected format and content of their dissertation proposal.