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2013 Fall - IST
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IST 311 1340 1 Persuasive Technologies
Can computers change what you think and do? Can they motivate you to stop smoking, persuade you to buy insurance, or convince you to conserve water when you shower? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Until recently, most software applications and technologies were developed without much thought to how they influenced their users. This perspective is changing. Today, industry experts and academics are embracing a purposeful approach to persuasive design. In an industry context, designing for persuasion is becoming essential for success. In academic settings, the study of persuasive technology illuminates the principles that influence and motivate people in different aspects of their lives. This course will bring together the latest research happening in three distinct disciplines: information and communication technology, psychology and health sciences. Persuasive technology may be defined as any interactive computing system designed to change people’s attitudes or behaviors without coercion or deception. The emergence of the Internet has led to a proliferation of web sites designed to persuade or motivate people to change their attitudes and behavior. The auction site eBay has developed an online exchange system with enough credibility that users are persuaded to make financial transactions and to divulge personal information. Within the domain of e-health, systems such as mobile applications for managing obesity and digital interventions to overcome addictive behaviors have demonstrated the huge potential of persuasive technologies for behavioral changes. Through presentations, discussions, and case study analyses students will explore this fascinating new field. In addition, the course will host several expert guest speakers (practitioners, researchers, etc.) from SBOS, SCGH and other institutions who will share their latest findings.