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2013 Fall - MATH
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MATH 365A 1169 1 Computational Methods for Molecular Biology
Instructor: Dr. Claudia Rangel, Head of the Computational Genomics Group at the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, Mexico City, and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics CGU ( Course Time and Location: Saturday, 10:00AM to 12:50PM; the course will meet online (real time) through Elluminate. Students may take the course from any convenient location where internet access is available. Prerequisites: competency in scientific computing, linear algebra, an upper division course in statistics, familiarity with basic biology, access to a computer on which the Elluminate software can be run (requires latest JAVA runtime environment). Topics: Statistical Analysis of microarray data - The biological problem - Modern Microarray technology - How does it work? - The high-dimensional small sample size data problem - Key elements in a good experiment design - Identifying sources of variation -data preparation -normalization techniques - Statistical methods and algorithms for error detection and correction - Statistical analysis workflow - Software tools: R and bioconductor - Computational implementation of workflow methods and algorithms in R Microarray Data Interpretation - Annotation - Use of linear models for analysis and assessment of differential expression - Gene selection (Empirical Bayes, volcano plots) - Gene classification (Clustering, heatmaps) Registered Students: Contact Professor Rangel by e-mail at to receive further information on how to attend the first class meeting and set up your computer for Elluminate.

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