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2013 Fall - TNDY
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TNDY 404Q 1265 1 Child and Youth Policy: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Promoting Education and Well-Being
This course will explore the historical and political context for child and youth policy in the United States. While school is largely at the center of publicly-funded programming for children, other policies aim to help prepare children for school, complement their school day experiences, and enhance families and communities in their ability to support children. Students will gain knowledge of selected child and youth policies, such as early childhood education, child welfare, out of school time, juvenile justice, and youth employment, and study the evidence of policy effectiveness. Drawing on multiple disciplines, including public policy, political science, economics, psychology, and sociology, this course will consider the influence of programs and policies outside of the classroom on children’s development and learning within a context of persistent academic achievement gaps along socio-economic lines. Students will complete a collaborative transdisciplinary project and write a final paper including policy recommendations for a child policy topic of their choice. (Note: this course is pre-approved for the M.A. in Public Policy with an education policy concentration and as an elective for the M.A. in Public Policy and Evaluation.)