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2013 Fall - TNDY
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TNDY 404L 1262 1 Exploring Judeo-Christian Knowledge across the Disciplines
In the last several decades, prominent intellectuals have begun to challenge the secularization of the West and the Western academy. Scholars across disciplines and worldviews suggest that there is unique knowledge inherent in the Judeo-Christian worldview that is foundational to the various spheres of public and academic life. In addition, there are scholars who articulate unique contributions of Judeo-Christian thought across the academic disciplines. This Transdisciplinary seminar will examine 1) the contemporary challenges to secularism, 2) the intellectual principles of Judeo-Christian thought as compared to other worldviews, 3) the application of these principles across the various disciplines, and 4) examples from various scholars’ work across the disciplines. This course is designed for those graduate students working within Judeo-Christian institutions and those interested in the general topic. Participants in the various fields will work together in Transdisciplinary groups to develop a final project on a related topic.